Tuesday, February 10, 2009


As I was browsing Urban Outfitters newest arrivals at 8am this morning, I got so excited to see Kim Gordon as the newest collaboration. Being the only chick in Sonic Youth has earned her some serious street (and fashion) cred. However, after saving multiple pictures to my desktop to post, I came upon one serious issue: her "snap front skirt" is an exact replica of a silk Alexander Wang skirt that I had to practically rip from a girls hand at his sample sale. Why I'm so upset about it, who knows. I have no problem buying Forever21 knockoffs daily, but this, for some reason, has taken it to the next level. Perhaps it's the fact that it's not just another flowy tee or a similar concept, but the exact design. I hope someone else will pick up on this so I don't sound like a crackhead.

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