Monday, October 13, 2008

Products to Swear By: Mario Badescu

Rarely am I a huge endorser of beauty products, because usually they can be bought cheaper and better, but I may as well be Mario Badescu's Marketing Director for how much I rep their products. Acne? Try their amazing Drying Lotion. Redness? Use the Calming Cream. Oily, dry, combo, whatever your problem may be, Mario can solve it with a snap of his fingers and a dash of some creams. After recommending it to my friend she told me, "my face feels like a baby's ass". To top it off, almost everything is under $20! I'm still trudging through my (practically) lifetime supply of face wash. 
Insider Tip: Fill out their online questionaire to receive free samples in the mail.

An Oldie but a Goodie: The Perfect White Tee

Finding the most perfect white tee can be as hard as finding a boyfriend in New York City. Unlike a boyfriend, however, a plain white tee is not only practical but oh so necessary. Lucky for you, after some seriously hard work and dedication (taken away from my real job), I have rounded up my favorite white tees.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Out-of-Reach Fall Must-Have: Chanel Two-tone Tights

These Chanel two-tone tights are the perfect quirky Fall piece to liven up all your brown and black trenches. Their neutral color is perfect to mix and match with simple basics or as a funky flair. Available at Chanel stores for the steep price of $400.

Texas Officially Has It All: Vintage Moschino at Archive Vintage

I die for this vintage Moschino smiley-face handbag at Texas-based Archive Vintage. Don't worry if you can't afford the flight and the bag, because they've got a great online shop.


So excited! 

More Cheap Thrills

Piggy-backing on Refinery29's story "Cheap Thrills", I've rounded up some great cheap finds for the ever-poor college student (or Wall Street broker). 

Designer Debut: Argentina is filled with Lovers & Fuckers

Though their site may be a little American Apparel NSFWish, up-and-coming Argentina based Lovers & Fuckers takes its inspiration from all the right places, namely a run in with Prince's designer in LA circa 2001. With their obvious shout-out to 80s punk and 90s grunge, the styling is impeccable and the models are people we could totally get down with. We're especially digging the down-to-earth plaids and denims fit for the likes of Hedi Slimane and Iggy Pop. We're just wondering how long it will be until Urban Outfitters picks up on this.