Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fab Find!

Sorry for another Olsen post, but I have been craving Ashley's simple sophistication look since like 2007! Thank God I didn't spend the 40-something dollars to buy this The Row knock-off skirt at American Apparel because my best bud in the world, Forever21 (or "Forevs") has just released their copy-cat version and it rocks at a whopping $14.80. Who could pass this up?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Best MKO Hair

There is just something always fabulously fabulous about Mary-Kate's hair. That wave. Those roots. The scraggliness. I need it in my life. In a desperate search to find some real people who actually pull it off, I've collected some of my faves. 

Nail Craze

I'm generally not too obsessed with Rihanna's gothhiptrendypunknewwave inspired trends, but she clearly hit the nail-craze on the head with these smiley faces. Check out some other crazy nails here and here